When to switch up your skincare routine

Most of us probably have a skin care routine that we are already comfortable with. Finding a skincare routine that works for you is challenging, it can take years of trial and error before finding a set of products that you’re happy with! That is why saying goodbye to a reliable skin care routine can be difficult. Besides, why would you change your routine if it is working just fine?

Most of the time, we agree that consistency is key. However, our skin changes over time and sometimes exposed to certain conditions that calls for different treatment. In this article, we list some factors that contribute to skin changes and how it might affect your products choices.

Season – Just like how you switch up your wardrobe according to seasons, you should also be using different skincare products once the weather starts to change. If you have acne-prone skin, you might need a lighter moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores in summer, and a thicker moisturizer or skin oil in winter to keep your skin hydrated. While you must always remember to use sunscreen all year long, summer is when you need to make sure that you reapply often to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays!

Age – We often don’t worry as much about wrinkles and fine lines until they start appearing. As we age, our skin produce less collagen, leaving our skin looking less supple and firm. Good skin care routine isn’t only about treatment, it’s also about prevention! The products you’ve been relying on since you were 18 are probably not working as well in your 30s. If you have not been incorporating products with antioxidant and skin replenishing ingredients in your routine, you should definitely start early!

Travel – Traveling (or moving!) to a different city or country with different climate can also affect the way your skin behaves. Be it the hot and humid weather of Indonesia or snowy Scandinavia, you need to change your routine to meet your skin’s new demands. In addition, long air travel strips the moisture out of your skin, that is why it’s always a good idea to keep a travel sized moisturizer in your travel bag!


It’s true that constantly switching your routine won’t do your skin any good, you should always give the products some time to see how your skin reacts. That being said, you also need to adjust your routine depending on a variety of factors, Including ones that we just mentioned above. The most important thing is to always try to listen to your skin and select products carefully. Start with a sample size before committing to a full-sized bottles. And of course, always make sure to do spot test.

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